RJ 2040 - CNC Router For Styrofoam

Performance and Features of RJ 2040 CNC Router for Styrofoam

• The machine is specially designed for the engraving of Polystyrene, PS Styrofoam, and Foamer.
• Strict calculation of movement stability and transportation due to the large size of the machine.
• After stabilized under high temprature, we made the body as seprated two parts and connected by hinged bolt.
• The whole body is supported by 16 adjustable legs which makes the high stability.
• The table is jointed with HT200 cast iron board with 40mm thickness.
• Spindle is Italy 6.0KW water cooling. Low rotation and high torque.
• Transmission we use H30 square rails and 2m helicalrack.
• Japan Yaskawa 850W servo system and 1:5 reducer. High precision helicalrack and the reducer make movement fast, stable, and high accuracy. It is ideal middle size PS machine.


Technical specifications

Models RJ - 2040
Working Area (X, Y, Z) 2000 x 4000 x 1250 mm
Reposition Accuracy 0.05
Traveling Speed 80000 mm / min
Spindle Power HSD6KW, Water Cooling
(Domestic Spindle Optional)
Tool Holder Diameter Ø32mm, Ø25 mm
Net Weight 7500 Kg
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice