GX 1325V ATC CNC Router

Performance and Features of GX 1325V ATC CNC Router

The ATC system includes the HSD spindle, a pneumatically assisted Z axis, eight-position tool bank, fixed-position Z-zero plate, chuck holder, pneumatically operated dust collacting head.
The automatic tool change reduces the time of completion of any job, where CNC operator don't require to change and calibrate the tool manually by hand during the entire completion of job. The ATC is very important requirement when in one job require different tooling for different type of cuts like cabinets and furniture or where different bits are needed for roughing and finishing passes like signs and complex 3D carving without stopping for manually change of bits in between.

Heavy duty frame structure.
X, Y and Z axis are driven by AC SERVO motor with gear (JAPAN) which gives more accuracy and speed than any other router.
High positional accuracy, heavy work load and long life is ensured by HIWIN brand 30 mm square linear guideways.
Original Italian spindle gives you very stable, trouble-free, maintenance-free, performance for long period of time.
Fast speed and high accuracy ensured by gear transmission equipped on CNC Router.
Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by lubrication system which gives long life to mechanical parts.
If any electronic part get damaged during running operation, Auto Stop Mode Function stops the machine and so the tool or material doesn't get damaged.

Optional Items

Dust Collector  


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Technical specifications

Models GX - 1325V ATC GX - 1530V ATC
Outer Dimension 2865 x 2560 x 3683 mm 3065 x 3660 x 3683 mm
Working Area (X, Y, Z) 1300 x 2500 x 300 mm 1500 x 3000 x 300 mm
Spindle 7.5 KW [Optional 10KW & 12 KW], HSD Italian
Spindle Speed 24000 RPM
Maximum Traveling Speed 45 mtr/min
Position Accuracy 0.02 mm
3 Axis control motor AC servo motor [Mitshubishi, Japan]
Controller High speed NK260 integrated system
Collet ER32, Max 16mm Dia tool
Automatic tool changer BT30, ISO30, 8 positions
Material Holding Vacuum Combined T-slot
Power supply AC440/3PH
Weight 2000 kg [Approx] 2500 kg [Approx]
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice