Vacuum Press Machine CMF 2500 A3

Features of CMF 2500 A3 Vacuum Press Machine

• The Fully automatic multifunction and double edge furring equipment.
• You can work with all foils (PVC, PET, PO etc.) high class foils as well as veneers or laminates.
• PVS film can be precisely pressed on uneven surfaces.
• Dual heater used for consistant heating.
• Stationary hot room reduces chances for damage to the heater assembly.
• Auto and manual both operations can be performed.
• Both side vacuum bed arrangement is possible for mass production.

vacuum_press_control panel vacuum_press_samples



Technical specifications

Model CMF 2500 A3
Overall Dimension 7560 x 1410 x 1380 mm
Work Table Size 2480 x 1140 x 60 mm
Vacuum (Negative Pressure) ≥-0.095 Mpa
Operating Height for work piece 60 mm
Machine Dimension 5800 x 1400 x 1400 mm
Cycle Time 2 min
Board Type MDF / HDF
Board Thickness upto 60 mm
Surface Laminate Material PVC Film
Machine Weight 1050 kg
Gross Power 16 Kw
Actual Power Consumption 8 Kw
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice